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I wonder what Larion will do if/when they bring back any of the elven companions from the previous two games-how accurate they want to make them to their character portraits. I mean, Aerie would look a bit like an alien even if you put her next to one of the more cheekbone-y elves in BGIII like Kahga,

Terrific point! Aerie's unquestionably elven mien would most certainly be butchered if her face were made to conform to those of Larian's Humaelves. Coran and Kivan may have an easier time fitting in, however.

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I love the design of the elves in BG3! delight

What elves?


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Elves are usualy concidered beautifull, bcs their faces are symetric (unlike humans) ...
Nothing more, nothing less. wink

May you please cite your (official) source?