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I wonder what Larion will do if/when they bring back any of the elven companions from the previous two games-how accurate they want to make them to their character portraits. I mean, Aerie would look a bit like an alien even if you put her next to one of the more cheekbone-y elves in BGIII like Kahga,

Terrific point! Aerie's unquestionably elven mien would most certainly be butchered if her face were made to conform to those of Larian's Humaelves. Coran and Kivan may have an easier time fitting in, however.

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I love the design of the elves in BG3! delight
What elves?


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Elves are usualy concidered beautifull, bcs their faces are symetric (unlike humans) ...
Nothing more, nothing less. wink

May you please cite your (official) source?
No offense, but you go a bit to hardcore for lore of source of Elves looks for my taste.

The male specially (women less) look to Human like I think of current Elves in BG3. Elves typically mora angular handsome, beautiful and the male Elf slightly to broad face human like face for my taste. Well not saying they look awful, but agree the Male Elves (you can choose the default look) look to human like slightly.

I would accept Belle Delphine with her looks and pointy Elven ears. Do not confuse with her cat pictures and she has been dressed both as cat and an Elf. I am not talking about her most seducively or say extreeme face pictures, but one of less extreeme that is clearly not adult only content not even near that.
I admire BELLE as CELEBRITY star and she started her career already at underage reminds of Britney Spears that became STAR at age of 17 with her first major song. Belle Delphine pictures 17-21 age she is young 21 currently. Elves should look young and if they aged they do it extreemely slowly and live for thousands of years.

Do not mess with BELLE Delphine Celebrity fans cool and yes I am her fan:
She got banned from youtube her account. That enraged millions of fans and some of these fans can be very extreeme and youtube quickly declared a mistake has been made and unbanned her though some of her old videos remain deleted. I have never bought any of her products though I am subscriber of her youtube account and a fan that have seen lot of her videos and pictures. She is considered NUMBER 1 E-girl that means GAMER (computer games and/or console games) girl that is CELEBRITY. There is nothing ordinary or boring about her. One point she made a suicide video and then dissapeared for months and rumors started to spread she might be dead until she again appeared. Unfortunately this PRO suicide video is one of the videos that remain deleted by youtube.

Oh and do not say I dont like Elven looking. I love the LOTR movies (the Hobbit movies more average then good) and we were hardcore and dressed up to fantasy clothes when watching LOTR 1, 2 and 3 movies in cinema when they were released. We were roleplayers already by then. Many start roplaying already as teenaager.

Yes and I have read TOLKIEN books. Well and I have played DnD paper and pen and played BG1, BG2 and BG3 Early Access to name a few games of many games that I have played.

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