This is a popular build which most experienced players are aware of but new players may not be. Its essentially a dual-wielding Ranger Tank. Highly damage resistance with high AC and decent Damage Output.

Start with a Shield Dwarf for Darkvision, ability boosts (+2 con +2 str) and resistance to Poison Damage plus Advantage on Poison saving throws.

Starting Ability Scores:
Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 08
Wis: 12
Chr: 10

Choose Ranger

Select Ranger Knight and Wasteland Wanderer: Fire - you now have resistance to MOST of the elemental damage in the game.

For Skills select: Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception and whatever else. Choose Entertainer Background.

At Level 2 - Choose Two-Weapon Fighting Style and Hunter's Mark

At Level 3 - Choose Hunter - Colossus Slayer and Whatever two spells you want.

At Level Four - Choose Feat: Dual Wielder - which gives you +1 to AC while Dual Wielding AND allows you to use non-light weapons while dual wielding. - So now you can dual wield Longswords, War Hammers, Battleaxes etc - increasing your damage potential.

Scale Mail Armor +1 or Githyanki Half Plate
2 x Handaxes +1 until level 3/After that at Level 4 switch to 2 x Longsword +1 or whatever Versatile Strength-based weapon.
Heavy Crossbow +1
Metal Helmet for crit protection
Gloves of Power (WARNING: Must have the Absolute's Mark from Priestess Gut to make this work right, otherwise you get cursed)
Crusher Ring
Bracing Band
Boots of Speed
Absolute's Talisman (WARNING: Must have the Absolute's Mark from Priestess Gut to make this work right, otherwise you get cursed)
Glowing Shield (situational)

So at Level 4 with Hunters Mark first round damage is (1d8 +4 + 1d6) = 6-18 damage. Nothing special.

Second round damage though is with Hunters Mark, Colossus Slayer and a second hand attack (1D8 +4 + 1d6 + 1d8) + (1d8 +4 + 1d6) = 13 - 44 damage.

There are all kinds of versatile magic weapons you could choose to use instead like Faithbreaker or Shattered Flail that grant additional abilities/powers.

With your Scale Mail +1, +2 Dex and +1 AC from Dual Wielding you will be rocking 18AC - which you could kick up to 19AC if you threw a shield on and 21AC if you had Shield of Faith cast on you + a shield.

You are also resistant to Poison and Fire damage/ Taking only half damage.

You also have a Heavy crossbow +1 and solid ranged DPS if you need to make ranged attacks. (1d10 + 3 + 1d6 + 1d8) = 6-27 damage.

And this is a versatile Build - Going Beast Master at 4 instead of Hunter is also a solid path. You still can make a lot of adjustments to suit various playstyles.

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