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To be honest, I am not sure why you are once again bringing up that celebrity.

Also, Tolkien's seminal work may have influenced Dungeons & Dragons, but the latter franchise isn't beholden/limited to one film studio's live-action interpretation of the former.
She is the best human that has looked like a young woman Elf outside of say movies and perhaps TV series.

You could have also said simply I agree with OP. Yet you have posted more pictures. You are correct to that what DnD might have set for typical Elf look is not limited to the boundaries of LOTR movies, but yet I am content with LOTR elves for most part at least.

How are the two situations comparable? New (i.e. different) pieces of art were shared both as a means of buttressing the thread creator's argument and as an expression of solidarity. Surely, "The more, the merrier."?

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I begin to think we have slightly different taste. The first LOTR movie specially the actor Cate Blanchett was perfect as Galadriel the Elf Queen. My favorite scene from first LOTR movie was when hobbit Frodo offered the artifact One Ring to Elf Queen Galadriel and she became tempted by the powerful artifact One Ring power.

I enjoy the films for their high production values, music and spots of brilliant acting, most definitely. That said, I didn't go in expecting them to conform to the canon/core aesthetics of Dungeons & Dragons not do I wish for Baldur's Gate III to borrow too much (if anything) from that film trilogy...if that is indeed what happened with Larian's attempt at D&D elves. By the way, take a look at New Line Cinema's version of Haldir; in D&D, this fellow's countenance would most definitely qualify as "human face".