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Seems like nowadays only fantasy characters that can be be easily <cosplayed> are designed and inserted into games. So you have that general everyone looks the same + - some makeup/pointy hears/accessories. I guess this has a broader appeal?? Especially since most people are more interested in SEX/ROMANCES than anything else. Easier to identify oneself with characters that look similar to us. aka, easy to mastxxxxxx too smile Sex sells better than pure fantasy.
Again big YEY for Pathfinder: WoTr for including quite unique fantasy playable companions and portraits :))
My personal opinion: in your inventory screen NOTHING, not even top of the line 3D rendered CGI, tops a kick ass fantasy art portrait! Having both options would of been so great for BG3...adds 1000%+ atmosphere and RP.
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
I don't think BG3 so far from what I have seen is high age rating. There exist already one mod that makes Shadow hearth slightly more attractive, but it is a minor thing. In Skyrim I used a mod that is lets say eh will not say, but you can guess a major thing. I agree Gale looks awful for being an Elf. It would make more sense he would be human race. I am not interested in Gale looks however I guess some women find him handsome. You do not need to remove Gale but if they would change his race to human that would make sense. By the way CELEBRITY on YouTube AsmonGold reminds slightly in looks of Gale. I am not his super fan (I have nothing against him and I like a minority of his youtube videos) and not romantically interested in men though I find his youtube videos interesting when he plays rarely Dungeon Dragons pen and paper or talk about upcoming HYPED big budget super MMO Ashes of Creation full release far in future like BG3 or later then BG3 full release.

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