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Ehm... Gale ist a human. So there ist no 'if they would make him human'. He is as human as it gets.
I have not had many EA runs with Gale. I did not notice he was Elf. However other people on forums have told me Gale is Elf. It seems we can not agree on this. He has his beard and freaking much hair perhaps his pointy ears are hidden. Must I start EA again sigh. Seems we can trust noone except our self. Hahaa conspiracy theory Larian changed Gale race with a patch from Elf or HalfElf to Human. Fylimar I believe you. Perhaps some troll told me Gale is not human on forums. What then stop complaining about Gale looks. We have all or favorites and dislikes. Someone said he dislikes Lazael. I like Lazael. I do not like the Vampire thief. I am very happy Thief is nerfed in Patch 5. You need now high strength to push enemies and no longer does backstabbing give advantage. Excellent Thief is not some S tier class in DnD 5th edition.

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