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Seems like nowadays only fantasy characters that can be be easily <cosplayed> are designed and inserted into games. So you have that general everyone looks the same + - some makeup/pointy hears/accessories. I guess this has a broader appeal?? Especially since most people are more interested in SEX/ROMANCES than anything else. Easier to identify oneself with characters that look similar to us. aka, easy to mastxxxxxx too smile Sex sells better than pure fantasy.
Again big YEY for Pathfinder: WoTr for including quite unique fantasy playable companions and portraits :))
My personal opinion: in your inventory screen NOTHING, not even top of the line 3D rendered CGI, tops a kick ass fantasy art portrait! Having both options would of been so great for BG3...adds 1000%+ atmosphere and RP.
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Imagine so, presuming it would be easier to setup the models/bones and such and cut down time making the game if all the races are shaped the same.