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I wonder if Arilyn Moonblade would be considered a full Elf by modern standards grin.

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I have read the books of Arilyn Moonblade a long time ago and they were average/barely good in my taste.
Well and on topic on her picture found it slightly to human like for being Elf. She is fairly attractive though and I did not mean she is an ugly woman.

Well and should not majority of Elves not be tall and like models looking beautiful? Tessa Violet CELEBRITY music STAR and she is an ex model not so much into her music though I do like some of the tunes. but I like very much the music video of:
Tessa Violet - I Like (the idea of) You (Official Music Video) you can search on that on youtube. No owerweight tall women and models dancing (at least the most beautiful women in that videos look like models and are tall) in that video and she the singer is ex Model. Many Elves should be tall and beautiful... and Elves typically do not have any overweight and no fat Elves should exist!

R.A. Salvatore The Drow books the first 9 book I like them more or less and then it gets boring and repetive for most part have not read even near all R.A.A Salvatore books. I got so tired of those heroes being undefeatable in the long run. In addition to the Drow I liked the Assasin Artemis Entreri as a villain.

There is also Cleric quintet. Nowadays I do not read books instead see TV series, movies and play games.

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