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No, elves are generally shorter than most humans, in Forgotten Realms Lore at least (drows being the shortest).

About being stout, every Player character type is toned and lithe, so I see no reason for that comment (btw, all our current Player Character choices were inspired by and sculpted from the faces of real life models).

Honestly, I wish rpgs would present a bit more variety in body types. I really loved that about Obsidian's Tyranny, where you could choose height and body type (I do realize that Tyranny had a much more isometric cartoonish style where it was easier to implement such things).
I do not agree with you on humans being taller. Humans might be broader more muscular and wide. bodybuilders etc. I go to gym myself and my record on benkpress is 125 kg well though nowadays I prefer fitness and smaller weights many times instread of try one time record lift. I am not ta tall person myself and rather average and regarding my height if I want the "tall" feeling I need to go to Thailand there some locals are short.

Tolkien's Elves are of a similar size to Men. However, they tend to be slimmer, and probably slightly taller on average.

Of course there are shorter Elves. I have mentioned BELLE DELPHINE CELEBRITY dressed as an Elf more then once now and she is absolutely not a tall person.

Regarding of Elves there are kind different of size in height as in humans. There are no fey kind of Elves though extreeme short.
Well and no there should not be any kind of fat Elves.

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