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Tolkien's Elves are ...
Completely irellevant, bcs that is different world, different setting, with different rules ... :-/

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Well and no there should not be any kind of fat Elves.
This is something i allways find fascinating about Elves ...
I mean, i know that usualy there are no fat Elves pictured anywhere, but the main question i have is: Why is that?
- Is that just the fact that elvish lifestyle providing them ballanced enery gain and take, so their are fit and slim ...
- Or are Elves naturaly unable to store excess energy in fat? laugh

And what effect it have for their society?
It kinda makes sence that Dwarfs are geting fat easy ... there is not much food, that can be grown underground, so Dwarves naturaly evolved to store any bit of energy they dont need for futher uses ... that seems quite logical for me.

But what does it mean for Elf? smile
They can starve to death conciderably faster than other races?
They need permanent food suply on long travels?
How will their liver react for "heavy" food?

Shame that so many sources dont think about such details. laugh

Somewhere, I read once that DnD elves have generally a better and more efficient metabolism than humans (they eat less and less frequently, excrete less et cetera). That could be an explanation. Though, I have nothing against thicker elves.