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You missunderstand the point. -_-

You might be as big fan as you wish ...
But different world = different rules.
That is just how things are, no matter how much you like them, they just dont aply here. :-/

If Wizard of the Coast says tomorow, that since now their Elves are all fat and have bear ears on top of their heads ... it will probably piss off every fan of the world, but that will be how WotC Elves will lookalike since then, and Tolkien and his elves will have nothing to do with it.
You underestimate that people can choose to ignore Wizard of the Coast.

I am pretty sure Wizard of The Coast will not do such a thing although they have in time made rarely some minor annoying changes to Magic The Gathering and no will no tell what changes and Magic The Gathering is offtopic.

If they want to piss of many they can do that. I would never play pen and paper DnD with a GM that has notion his world will have fat and bearded Elves.

At that point I would simply think fuck Wizard of the Coast if they would do that. There are also those who were so annoyed with Dnd 4th edition so they went playing Pathfinder which basically is it own rules world. While DnD 5th edition has come this hatred toward Dnd 4th edtion is so strong in my country that Pathfinder is more played in paper and pen sessions then DnD 5th edition from what I have noted from big roleplay conventions. Dnd 5th edition is though more popular then DnD 4th Edition.

Here are most popular Dnd editions in my country currently:
1. Pathfinder
2. DnD 5th edition.
3. DnD 3.5 but this is low popularity nowadays Pathfinder and Dnd 5th mostly played.
4. I am not sure if AD (Dnd second edition) or DnD 4th edition is more popular?

Please not that was my country. Could be DnD 5th is more popular then Pathfinder in many other countries. I am not ANTI DnD 5th edition, but DnD 4th edtion I consider the worst Dnd edition released. Dnd 5th edition made combat faster and more simple and back to dice rolling as old DnD versions.

I could say yes to play pen and paper DnD 5th edition or Pathfinder.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance I do not want to play that. They could release 50 DnD PC games or have 50 Dnd Pen and Paper sessions with FAT and bearded Elves and I am not going to play those games. If a GM would suddenly say I will from now on have fat and bearded Elves I would say fine I quit immediately!

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