I am super angry and sorry if this would happen:
"If Wizard of the Coast says tomorow, that since now their Elves are all fat and have bear ears on top of their heads "

If Larian would do that then I do not play BG3. The chance of this is not even 1% that would happen before BG3 is done.

I did buy Skyrim. Did I play the Skyrim much? No I did not like it. I played it less then 10 hours.

I will not play a DnD game or BG3 if Elves are all fat and have bear ears on top of their heads.
That is not all I would then say to my brother and friend do not buy BG3 because they would to want to play this game with me. My brother and one friend of my do not want to pay BG3 before it is done like BG3 1.0. That is not all. I am slightly rich or say good economy and well my brother has much money, but my poor friend do not have much money at all but when I told him I can MAYBE (if I like BG3 but I tell him I dont like it then no) pay half of what BG3 cost if I like BG3 game when it is done he said sure I can play then if I pay and want to play BG3 with him. He my friend unlike me or my brother really does not have much money usually he only play old games or free games. If a game cost more then 30 euro it is to much for my friend. Well and I have lots of money or enough money so in this rare case I could pay 50% say 30 euro that is if I like BG3 of my poor friends cost to buy BG3. My brother listens to me I guess he will not buy BG3 if I say I do not like it. Same brother that went with me to Cinema and see all Tolkien Lord movies hardcore Tolkien fan as me. This poor friend of my and my brother we have also played other games together and what I say matters a lot to them and I rarely want to play games with them nowadays so they really look forward to play with me BG3.
This also due to single player games and not always same taste my brother plays Witcher 3 single player game and I am not interested in DOTA2 that my brother plays. I can not play Solasta with my brother since it is single player game.

This nickname of mine comes from when I played Unreal Tournament 2004 with my brother and my poor friend my nickname was Terminator. I am fan of the first 2 Terminator movies. Well so we have a long history of playing games together.

It is rare I give my poor friend presents. Well and when I say poor I did not mean he is poor so he starve of food however poor compared to me:

I bought example Battlefield 3 to my poor friend for 10 euro and then we played it together. Well and with this poor friend I played Neverwinter MMO Dungeons Dragons 4th edition over a year until I quit it got bored and when I quit my friend said he does not want to play it if I do not play it and he quit it shortly after I stopped playing Neverwinter MMO which you could play for totally free which we did.

While World of Warcraft MMO which is very expensive game and subfee I played over 3 years and my brother stopped playing it after 1 year but not due to it was to expensive game for my brother he though it was to much TIME sink and grind. Of course my poor friend never played expensive WOW MMO I did not even ask him to do that.

I am landlord and have n tenants and my poor friend lives on rent and has no property that he owns no house, no apartment, no summer cottage nothing. I am not rich though in my own eyes and at my poors friends birthday was one person clearly more rich then me a multimillonaire.

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