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If Larian would do that then I do not play BG3.
And do you know what effect will that have? smile
None. wink

Nobody would care, nothing would happen ... one (or three w/e) less person is irellevant, since game allready sold millions of copies. wink

Rest of your post is as usualy huge offtopic. :-/

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The chance of this is not even 1% that would happen before BG3 is done.
That was not the point ... (again)
It was *example* (i recomend googling) ... that was created just to explain why any elves from any other sources than DnD are not relevant to this game, to this setting, therefore to this topic. Nothing more.
You dont understand. I am not alone in this Larian would shoot in their own foot and possible hundred thousands or more would not buy BG3. I honestly feel you begin trolling this thread could you please stop that?

Well so what BG3 has sold over a million on Steam already. Well and many on Gog.com.
Right so Larian would want to piss of many of those buyers doing your wish of fat and bearded Elves? I do not think so it lies in Larian interest and word would spread out of pissed of consumers cool! You seem to believe everybody would be happy since DOS2 was a good game? I do not deny DOS2 was a good game no attack on that. However if you want to piss of Tolkien and DnD fans and many fans of traditonal Elves with creating fat and bearded Elves that would piss of a huge amount of consumers mad!

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