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Obviously, I am talking about Fantasy/Scifi authors, but yeah sure you can include popculture if you'd like. Though, you mentioned movies and games in your post and that's what I was referring to.

For me anyways, there is a HUGE difference between IN YOU FACE SWALLOW THAT social commentary, and WELL STRUCTURED SUBTLE social commentary.

What is in your face? too loud for you?

For me, I can explain what is loud and quiet commentary in fantasy:
For instance, the violent white supremacy of the Conan the Barbarian novels is very blatant, I can see that (Robert Ervin Howard was famously white supremacist, even by the contemporary southern standards), on the other hand, the racist ideas of Tolkien's are much more subtle and harder to confront (creating the orcs after the mongols, evoking that old European fear of a mongol invasion).

What is too loud or subtle for you?