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u keep missing it. I'm not bothering to explain anymore. I tried to be helpful, but that seem to be a wasted efford.
I have not been annoyed by that Drow have different skin color then in Tolkien world and they still are handsome or beautiful in general. I accepted it from R.A Salvatore books. Well and the Elves in WOW MMO did not annoy me despite having very big ears well not to mention Blood Elves in WOW Horde side are kind of red color or in that direction the name Blood kind of gives hint of red color. The Elf race on Alliance look more like typical Tolkien Elves if you forget the big ears. Well and WOW Elves were still enough beautiful though a bit excentric sometimes with WOW artistic style affecting at least armor looks and bigger ears then Tolkien Elves have.

Guess I want Elves to be beautiful and enough different from humans and Tolkien Elves are beautiful.

Yeah, but what you want doesn't really matter, it counts, what WotC want to do with their elves. Beides, beauty is highly subjective. To me, the WoW elves look highly ridiculous. I can't take that serious. And I really don't want my elves to look like a cheap underage youtube erotic star.
I like for elves to look different from humans, a bit alien maybe.

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