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I just give up, I really don't want to continue this. Should have knownn better.
Ok fine do that and while I could not resist teasing I did not want to insult you or hurt your feelings and I have nothing against you personally despite not having exactly same taste.
For the record I have never said I want to see underage stuff that you mentioned? The last CELEBRITY I mentioned is an ex model STAR singer and by now over 30 years old and all women in that video I told the name of
Tessa Violet - I Like (the idea of) You (Official Music Video)
are clearly adult models and described them as typical tall Elves examples. Well and regarding Belle D. when she started her most nasty stuff by then she was over 18 and currently she is 21 years old. Please never think I want to see any underage nasty stuff thank you. Belle D. is absolutely not a tall person far from it and she has rarely taken pictures as being an Elf so saying I want only tall Elves is not true.

Now more on to topic. Yes the male Elves in BG3 look slightly to Human (well not saying they look awful would still play BG3 if not changed), but please to improve game make them look little more Elvish would be nice as OP post or Tolkien High Elves and not some pretty odd ideas posted here. The women Elves in BG3 look fairly ok, but the default male Elf when I see the face look slightly tiny bit to human for my taste.

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