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Well and I could recommend Guild Wars 2 to you as well.
That is really nice of you. smile But no ... simmilar to litteraly every other being on this planet, that also never asked you what they should play, i dont care. wink

But let me return the favour and also recommend something to you ... i recomend you to READ WHAT PEOPLE TELLS YOU ... and when you do, read it again ... and just for sure, at least once more ... or rather twice.
Then take deep breath, maybe try short walk ... i usualy take my dog outside, it helps me clear the head ... after return, re-read the important parts once more, then FOCUS on them ... and react on that, instead of just repeating the same stuff over and over.
That is my recomendation. smile

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They are kind of plants that reminds tiny bit of Elves and perfect for you.
And if you want to be sure that you understand this recomendation i give you ...
Feel free to write me description of "perfect elf for me" to PM ... lets not continue with this stupid offtopic here. smile
Once you hit that, i may start believe that you are able to understand written text. smile

BTW ... "guild wars" elf ... is also from different settings, therefore irellevant to this topic. wink
Aswell as Tolkien elves ...
WoW elves ...
Legend of Zelda elves ...
Thor elves ...
Warhammer elves ...
And thousand of other elves ... so to make it more general, litteraly any "no-DnD" elves. wink

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink