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All I can say is, elves are supposed to be beautiful. Many "elfish" depictions do not seem beautiful or attractive to me. They seem exotic, but definitely not what I would call attractive.

I think making elves a bit more human makes them prettier. However, at the same time, ot does wind up making them jist look like humans with pointy ears.

The point is, there's a fine line, and it has to be hard to walk it as a game designer. You want people to actually LIKE the character models, so you need to be careful not to male them too elvish or many will think they are unattractive.


BG3 has given us some elf characteristics but not entirely elfish appearances. Although having a bit more elfish appearances might be nice, I'd rather have them err in the direction they chose than Solasta's. Give me models I enjoy. Even if they don't fit certain molds, at least its better than having models I can't hardly stand.

As I said (several posts back), two fingers - a finger per ear - and *boom*...the elf is gone frown. Personally, I prefer elves that look more elfin than human; if nothing else, that decision helps to decrease the perceived "uncanny valley" effect that is only reinforced by lack of exposure. There absolutely is a happy median between "human" and "edgy gaunt abomination".

Thankfully, it appears as though most people here agree that Half-Elves shouldn't one-up their full-blooded brethren when it comes to fey characteristics.