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No, DnD 3,5 and Pathfinder 1e did not use the same racial statistics. Pathfinder generally modified a lot on player races.
You are correct.

I checked now.
In DnD 3.5 humans and Elves same height.
Pathfinder Elves crystal clear taller then humans. Even the Drow the shortest Elf race is taller then Humans.

Dnd 4th edition which I truly HATE now for these reasons:
A. Most complicated rules and combat can take long time. This Dnd version is most difficult for a newbie to learn. Well Pathfinder can be equally challenging to learn, but if you have played Dnd 3.5 before then Pathfinder is easier to learn then DnD4th edition. This coming from me WOW MMO veteran I understood immediately Hunters Mark and stuff borrowed from WOW MMO to DnD 4th edition.
B. They removed lots of dice rolling and boring calculated this heals % of your total hitpoints crap.
C. In DnD 4th edtion Humans very clearly are taller then Elves.
D. Someone said the World and lore not good well can not judge this I was so annoyed by rules so have never played this
except Nevewinter MMO but that is Action Combat and adaption of DnD 4th edition rules and during levelup I looked at guides from Internet.
NEUTRAL: This I do not find negative or specially positive, but Dnd borrowed elements from World of Warcraft MMO example for Ranger Hunters Mark
spell that is directly copied from WOW MMO. On the other hand WOW MMO have borrowed much fantasy ideas from Tolkien and DnD world.

DnD 5th edition.
A. Rules simplified from DnD4th edition. Easier for a newbie to learn, understand and faster gameplay.
B. Dice rolls added back and stupid % things removed.
C. The difference between Elves and Humans now less then in Dnd 4th or Pathfinder... Humans 0.2 average heigth taller.
Well this C is not COMPLETE correction of Elf height, but at least better then the crap DnD4th edition.
NEUTRAL: The elements borrowed from WOW MMO example Hunters Mark for Ranger spell is still in Dnd 5th edition, but I am ok with this.

Ragitsu your statment that Elves have always been shorter in Dnd is complete garbage. Ok Drow race might separately be shorter, but not the other Elf races.

I will ignore any GM saying I must have short Elf if i say in pen and paper session my Elf is 6 feet tall then GM must accept or I can say sorry I will not play with you

Well and since in my country Finland (in Europe) Pathfinder is clearly most popular DnD played nowadays guess what Elves are tall hehee.
Well and DnD 5th edtion is not bad or rare in Finland though second after Pathfinder and I could say yes also to a Dnd 5th edition pen and paper session. Well and the only Dnd version that I hate is Dnd 4th edition that is the most hated Dnd version in my country.

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