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To summarize, everyone has a different concept of what elves should look like, how tall they should be, etc. Therefore, if Larian could provide some additional model options that are more elfish for those who want and prefer more elfish features, AND if they provided the ability to adjust height and build, I think this would satisfy everyone on this thread. Don't take away anything for those who enjoy current models. Just add a few with more elfish, fey features and do the height/body adjust thing.

Does that pretty much satisfy the masses?
No. Because that won't address the problem with NPCs. It's hard to tell elf NPCs from humans at the moment. To the point that... do you remeber 2 guys near Dror Ragzlin? One of them drow and another one is human with guite delicate facial features. I needed to look closer at his ears to realise that he's NOT an elf! Bacause at the moment the game taught me that elfs are just like that: same bodies, just more delicate faces and pointy ears.

I get that it can be hard to tell the difference. I have the same issue with gnomes and halflings and such. Druid in the secret tunnels. Is he a gnome? A halfling? A dwarf? Another example, Ed... is he a dwarf or human? He looks like a dwarf to me, but his siblings are human? Are they siblings or just fellow cultists?

The point is, it isn't just elves versus humans. Sometimes it's hard to tell race just by looking at a character unless they are stereotypical versions of their race.

But stereotypes are boring. There is no diversity at all, then. It also doesn't make sense. I like that Larian tries to avoid cookie cutter NPCs, making various models. Some are obvious. Others are not.

So yes, make some tweaks so we definitely have some stereotypical elves and dwarves and gnomes, but don't necessarily take away from what we already have. That's all I'm saying.