I have just reached the party milestone for the first time so I guess this is a good point to give my first feedback.

The last RPG I played was DOS2 so I was not totally lost when I have started BG3. From what I have seen, BG3 seems to be very good.
Similar in many aspects (good AND bad) with DOS series and different from NWN1 or BG1 if I remember well.
After reading many posts, I will test BG2 which seems to be very good but anyway, this is not the topic right now.

In the following feedbacks, some spoilers could be present. Be warned smile

Scenario :
I was not surprised to find a good scenario made in Larian Style. The nautiloid escape was a bit disturbing for me because it is more SF than medieval fantasy but ok.

The only true negative point for me is about the urgence feeling not respected. You are supposed to transform into a mindflayer in a very, very near future but you have time to settle a nice camp, explore a large map...
If a count the number of long rest I used, more than 7 days have passed without single effects about this emergency crisis. Ok, some clues have been given about why process could take so long but the feeling remains.

Some odd points :
- wake up in the nautiloid with equipment and clothes. => should prefer find a chest not too far from the starting point with random weapons, armors and clothes => include potential dialog (and fun ) dialogs => specific armor for La'zrael and ShadowHeart can be found elsewhere
- first use of regeneration device deserves a cinematic

After the crash :
- Except some dialog texts, I didn't feel the emergency of the situation. A bit disappointing.
- Fast travels, portals are mechanisms already present in DOS2. My feelings are mixed on the subject.
- Using portals to go to another portal, ok, no problem.
- Using a shortcut to use portal even if characters are not activating the portal is not realistic but avoid boring travel through an empty map.

With Larian's games, when a part of the map is cleaned, there no need to return there. But for me, a key point of D&D is the random encounter. It could have been interesting to be ambushed by a goblin pack, fight a drow assassin, meet a travelling merchant, help someone in distress. Some sections of the map will fit perfectly this role.

Why not let Halsin becoming a playable character ? It gives me the feeling that he just want to stay at the camp for the free meal ...


Good idea here but not very well used.

I don't like at all the concept of big camp at the same location, with a cage, a desk, a workbench, some chests, some party flags...
Does not make sense at all because you have just survived to a nautiloid crash, you need to rush to remove the parasite in your head so there is no time to make a fancy camp. From where are coming all these stuff ?

Mini camp is better. At least, when you are underground or in a temple, you got a place which makes sense.
However, how the dog, the undead and the chest arrived in this place ? It is so kind from he undead to carry the dog and the chest when you are exploring the map....

I am a big fan of being able to camp on specific spots in the map which can identified by a standard voice / visual text hint.
=> At a such spot, camp button become available. marker can also be set on the map.
=> when clicking on it, a mini camp based on the location is triggered.
=> in chapter 1, nothing fancy. Roll beds, fire camp, chest (spawned from nowhere but ok), rest of the team. Basta.

Don't get me wrong. I will LOVE to get a base I can improve later in the game with improvements which can be crafted, ordered or bought.
I have read that this base/stronghold/tavern/cavern/lair could be related to the main class. Why not ? It is a good idea.
But NOT when we are on the road and NOT until the parasites have been removed.

- Undead in the camp should not be there. Especially as a merchant.
There is absolutly no interest for an undead to buy your extra tomatoes, hammers, empty bottles, ropes, etc
Additionally, nobody is worried about sleeping near an undead...
I prefer to be able to find him in a specific location in the map, isolated, where I can exchange resurection for one group member against the consumption of a magical item or a rare book (it does not need gold...),
If needed, it could visit the team at camp to deliver some messages needed by the scenario.

- new utilisation of food is ok but not going as far as I expected.

If you want to sleep outside, you need something confortable, you need to have water, you need to get some heat.

=> bedrolls ? You should find them, craft them, buy them but every character should have a bedroll in its inventory. If not, full restore can,not be achieved.
=> You want fire ? So you need to get some rocks and some wood which are consumed (at least the wood). Without fire camp, full restore can,not be achieved.
=> Water ? Use bottle, gourds, bucket, water pump or even torrent in some location to get some. WIthout x units of water then full restore cannot be achieved.
=> with crafting, you can improve your fire camp to cooking station and prepare with raw materials, better dishes which can fulfill the quantity of supply needed more easily and perhaps give you a bonus

Objects are already present. Mechanisms and animations are present in DOS2 so this is not something to develop from scratch.

It leads me to one conclusion. I hope to see one day a survival and realistic mode (as an option because not everybody want to play like this)
In DOS2, there were alternative modes so why not a realistic one here ?
Or as a player mode ? (And I will be happy to collaborate to this smile )

Battle UI
In two words : improvements needed.
How many goblins have rushed against a wall then waiting for death ? Tyr paladins have used the same method against gnolls and have been kindly and efficiently slaughtered.[sneer included].

Weak point for me for Larian's games. This is absolutly not realistic. Having 12 swords, 6 armors, vegetables for one months in one backpack is just impossible.
Perhaps the survival mode can solve this by introducing features like equipment size (like in NWN1) and limited equipment slots ?
Some tools are missing anyway (multi selection, selling "to be sold " items for the all group option, ...)
Send to camp is also not realistic and too looter convenient ( I use it only when i was in camp to store food ; something which should be done automatically)

Origins characters
Well, I was not a big fan of them at the beginning.
After several discussions, I found their background a bit more complex and interesting (ShadowHeart, Gayle, Gythianki (I always not remember her name).
- Astarion ? Killed everytime, directly ( i was forced by my wife to see all vampire diairies and twilight episodes so I can't stand vampires anymore wink )
- Blade of frontiers (recruited but not used)

I have the feeling that mercenaries will be available for hiring in the game (by Volo ?). Could be nice if not too late in the game.

A cool stuff could be also to be able recruit some PNJ found in the game.
For example, there is a tieflin archer (Laknis ?) I saw for the first time at the party who was searching for a job at Baldur's Gates. Hey, I am ok to recruit you. No need to go there smile
I also hope mercenaries should have some mini quests (based on their background like noble, guild apprentice, etc) with dialogs and can be friend or more... Probably, a lot of additional work.
Perhaps some mods can make them available for hiring ?

Sneak attack
Generally, I don't play rogue. I have tried an rogue halfling and with patch 4, I got a great pleasure to eliminate one by one goblins in ruined village, returning to shadow between each of them, chosing the right path to not be discovered [sneer included]...

With patch 5 and the new rules, sneak attack is a bit weird. It is not clear sometimes why it is not possible to use it so it creates some frustration.
The DOS system was working quite well so I am a bit surprised this is not used again.

Visual aspect of some surfaces (oil on sand for example) is not always clear like it was in DOS2. I have been tricked sometimes by this.

So many items in the game and no use for them. Crafting system was great in DOS2. Hope to see this soon.

The experience is very positive.
Inventory management , camp and battle UI should be improved, Some points are weird from a scenario point of view without being blocking.
I have also the feeling there is still a lot of work to do regarding bugfixing...

Dans le doute, frappe ...