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Extremelly confused as to why people keep saying the fight would take too long if Larian would implement a proper reactions system. Also, think about this scenario: you have a charmed/feared enemy; they start running away from the caster, but they run towards one of your allies. If the character has Attack of Opportunity enabled, he will attack that enemy, breaking the charm/fear/frightened effect. That would be extremely frustrating and dumb. You should be able to choose if and when to use an AOP/reaction spell. Picture another scenario: you are a wizard and you have counterpell ready. You have a high arcana level. Your character identifies that the enemy casts fireball; given that information, you use counterspell and you negate a shit ton of damage. Now with the current implementation, if you have counterspell, you would just toggle it ON in the reaction bar, and if the enemy casts a lvl 1 cantrip your character will use that reaction. How is that even a question??? which system is better?
I absolutely love Larian, and played more than 300hrs of dos 3. Trust me, I'm not a hater here. I`m just trying to help other people understand that there is no bad side to having a proper reaction system. The flow would not brake, because you would be more engaged, the time would not be longer, because you would react during an enemy`s turn, and for God`s sake , the pop-up is the LEAST of our problems. Who cares?? You could consider a pop-up a tutorial video, or your inventory. Anything that appears on your screen during combat could be considered a pop-up. but i`m not hearing anybody complaining about the fact that many of you probably open your bags in combat, am I ?
So just think about it. No major downsides to having an absolute awesome experience while also adding depth to the combat tactics.

Yup. 100%. Lots of people have been making points like these, and it's frankly shocking that it isn't perceived as an obviously, objectively better system.

I am pretty sure it's even possible to implement a "flashy" and "cool" popup reaction system, making time slow down, changing camera angles and whatnot.

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