Just thought I would chime in. I love both RTwP and TB games, as long as the game is optimized for one or the other. DAO had excellent RTwP because of the spell cooldown system AND the ability to set deep tactics for the whole party. I adored it. DAI on the other hand tried to shoe horn RTwP into a game clearly designed to be button mashing hack n slash, and it was awful. The tactical camera was an abysmal joke.

I dig the TB in this game. However, I wish the linked party members would not activate their spells/actions until you choose them all. Ie, if they are linked, then they are supposed to be acting simultaneously, and it is pointless if they do mot. That is the only real improvement that needs to be made in regards to TB in the game.

Also, with this type of system, I probably would not play it if it was RTwP. I feel like I would constantly be pausing and confused. But that is just me.