That is what I've been saying also since my first playthrough. Party night, everybody SUDDENLY wants your body. It's dumb... well... if you gained enough approval.

You have to have some way to gauge romance/ relationship, so an approval score is fine with me. However, I think there should be more of it with varying degrees of score.

Example, you send you MC over to Shadowheart who is dying because the spider queen jist took her down. You heal her or help her, risking your own life in the process. Gain 2 relationship points with her.

You ignore her and she dies, lose 5 points.

Then hide whether we gain or lose points. However, tell players in general how to gain or lose points. So tell us if you let a character die you lose 5 points, but help them and gain 2. Thus makes it so players have to get to know the characters to learn what they like or dislike without the game just telling you.