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being able to stockpile tons of barrels to nuke any enemy with

Making such things just in front of any potential ennemy should trigger immediatly the fight.
But preparing an ambush to lure some tough ennemies is quite interesting to do smile I made it several times here instead of rushing against a bunch of ennemies.
In DOS2, I really liked being able to use the environment to help to eliminate some tough ennemies. So it does not bother me here even if it is a D&D based game.

To be honest, as GM and player, I am not always following the official rules. Key word for me should be fun and there are too many D&D rules, sometimes not user friendly.
Trust me. I took a great pleasure to throw a Greek fire bottle
in a room with zhentarim agents hidden behind fire wine barrels wink

My point was just about the visual aspect of the floor. Not barrelmancy.

I'm not saying ditch all the barrels or anything, they can be pretty fun, I'm just more of a fan of them staying to a small scale in certain areas and not being able to carry them around. Place them where it makes sense is more of my thing for barrels. Like, a random barrel full of oil in an ancient tomb/ruin? Why is that there exactly? But a barrel of alcohol of some kind near a merchants cart? Plausible, makes sense that a merchant would be bringing a barrel of alcohol with them to sell perhaps. Defending a place from an attack, such as the druid grove defense? Having the defenders prep some barrels of oil or some such wouldn't be outlandish if they had any, and I'm sure they have something flammable laying around at least if not oil that they could put out there to help with the defenses somehow. But just random barrels in places that make little or no sense, or being able to carry around a bunch of barrels in your backpack? Not a fan of that.

And the ground effects were interesting in DOS2, I admit I rather liked them in that game but the game seemed to be balanced around them decently well. D&D just isn't balanced around the surface effects, and Larian's attempts to balance it didn't really work. Not to mention it just makes a general mess of the screen with everyone and everything on fire, and all the blood frozen or electrified.