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If you lose approval, then you will not have any romantic connection.

at worst, he will try to kill you. I believe Astarion and Lae are capable of this.

Lae ... ... ... the Gith?

I mean, i am aware ... ... ... we have a few Edgelords in the Group. With Shadowheart and Lae'zel(?) even Edge-Ladies to be precise,
but why always the Murderhobo Scenario in which People (and i mean the Characters ^^ not the Player ^^) want to see Blood only because Someone doesn't turn out exactly how they would love them to be? hahaha

Disagreements create conflicts, I think that for some characters it is completely normal to solve conflicts by killing. But most likely it's not about Shadow. I said about Lae and Astarion, because these are two characters who have already tried to kill us. (yep Gith) Well I must say Astarion does it more gallantly, heh. ^^

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