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In fact, I am not looking for optimized characters. I choose a character class that I haven't played yet and I build my PJ using dices for its appearance, race, gender, abilities. Based on his/her looking, I select the background which fit the most smile

That's fair, it's a good way to try all classes/looks smile

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Regarding the sneak attack implementation, I'm pretty sure it actually isn't implemented correctly right now. I haven't done much messing around on rogue characters yet, so I could be wrong, but from memory I believe they made it a separate action to use your sneak attack, when it should just be something that happens automatically on your first attack in the round as long as you have advantage or an ally is engaged in melee (threatening) the enemy you attack.

Thanks for clarifying. Again, never played TTD&D frown. Looks like this is linked to how they implement reactions then? I can see how this would change the current implementation. What I meant is that at least the core activation criteria were fixed, since the backstab mechanic was discarded in patch5.