Ok. Ok. Perhaps that was a BAD example.

I just mean the relationship score needs more score opportunities. You should gain or lose points more frequently for more choices in the game. Little point gains and losses as opposed to fewer opportunities with bigger point gains or losses. Right now, I feel like there isn't enough.

And I agree. Relationships should build even if individuals aren't necessarily doing everything others approve of. It should not be Bad, Neutral, Good, High or whatever. It actually should be more like alignment. You know, there's Neutral, Good, Evil but then there's Chaotic and Lawful. Two tracks.

So relationships should have two tracks. Something like: Stranger, Acquaintance, Intimate (meaning you now know the person well whether friend or foe). but then have something measuring Enemy, Wary, Indifferent, Friend, Lover. The more you have a character in the party and interact with them, the more your linear meter goes up from Stranger to Intimate. However, the choices you make determine whether you go up or down the Enemy/Friend scale.