I think the problem is that the camp night seems rushed. Honestly, I can think of only one scene and that's hidden in which Shadowheart shows interest in my character, all the other scenes with her were more she being snarky, evasive, infuriating if I hadn't discovered that scene I would never buy the whole camp scene with her. I think the others (male options) have more scenes that show their interest from both parts, but even then, it's weird how suddenly things turns up.

What I think would be needed is more interaction that would show that certain companions, preferable the ones you show interest also show the same for you. No need to be groundbreaking ones, just small hints, etc.

Just like DOS2 again as an example, in many different dialogues, interactions with the companions, and even when it was about other npcs, there were hints, small gestures, the way Lohse or Sebille would look at the MC sometimes, or need a hug. Or Ifan winking, or trying to show support when you had troubles, etc. In here the companions seem to be so much for themselves that in my solo play I didn't miss them or their scenes at all.
This is the first RPG game with romance where I love my MC more than any of the romance options, and I'm sure right she is way too good for any of them.