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So, again, if they keep them as is, I just won't, and that is a big loss on the BG3 fun scale to me.
What we have now in act 1 is not a romance and never intended to be. It's a drunken one-night-sex. At some point Larian explicitly said that they are using the word "romance" here to be more "polite", but actually it's just sex.
So, please, just stop mistaking one for another.

That I know, and it's the reason the only character scene at the camp I like is Shadowheart. I can see myself starting an actual romance with her after that night because it's just getting to know each other, some wine, kiss, etc. Nothing more.
But my point is that even to reach that there are too few moments to see that one could be interested or even know the other. All I said about DOS2 the interactions, etc? You can see many of them still in ACT1.
Again, this is just my opinion on the current state, I know many things will change, and I'm sure Larian will be able to make it work great in the end.