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Um... okay. Doesn't change anything no matter what you call it. I still do not enjoy what they've implemented. It is a huge letdown. BG 1 and 2 had some fun romance, REAL romance, options. BG3 just had cheap one-night-stand sex that feels very forced to me and meaningless.

Therefore, as a result, if they don't do something different, I just won't enjoy the game as much. I will simply choose to never romance any character in the game. You can agree or disagree all you want, but that is just how it is. I don't like the current sex crap they've developed. Will I kick and scream if they don't change it? Nope. I'll just not enjoy that part. Thus, in my opinion, the game won't ever be AS good as it could be if they didn't just treat sex for ALL characters like some pointless, forced moment in the game.

It also, frankly, makes me not like any of the origin characters as much. They just seem more shallow and, well, easy. Again, to me, romancing Jaheira was rewarding because she was hard to get. She was not just, "Oh Gorion's Ward. I lost my husband. Do me." It took time and effort.

These characters are ALL like, "Ah yes. We beat some goblins and are now drunk. Let's do it." Bah. No thank you. None of you care one twit about my MC. You just wanna have sex with anybody. Get lost!

ok, on this note I must say that you need to wait. Many of the actual romances are still to be done, we don't have all companions, we are on ACT1, you can choose to sleep or not with them, or choose Shadowheart for a talk. But I think/hope larian will just make this based more on the character's personality, so let's see how the other companions that will be introduced will be in this regard. Also, I think after more thought, that the camp scene is actually the idea of the actual starting of the romance, and not the romance itself.
I just hope we can get more interactions/dialogues in this after the game is fully released. I mean, what can make confused for many is that BG3 is the first game (that I know) where you can actually go to bang a companion/romance in the very half of the first act. usually, this happens in later acts, most of the time in the last one.