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Um... okay. Doesn't change anything no matter what you call it. I still do not enjoy what they've implemented. It is a huge letdown. BG 1 and 2 had some fun romance, REAL romance, options. BG3 just had cheap one-night-stand sex that feels very forced to me and meaningless.

BG1 itself had no romance. In TotSC they introduced a mini-romance, which consisted of two or three short quests and some dialogue. And then s/he would go and hold back the werewolfs for you - and be forgotten by Gorions Ward.
Basically, if it comes to characters, please compare it only to BG2.

If you pace the game realistic, meaning not letting the game run just to trigger dialogue, you will not be overly far with any romance when you finally raise the money to start Chapter 3. Also, you are locked into romance dialogue unless it is somehow unavailable.
Also, the Jaheira romance was not overly difficulty, it was just buggy. Viconia was the difficulty one.

Don't get me wrong, I like the characters and romances from BG2, it is what got me into crpgs and later into visual novels. In fact, I really hope we get good and fleshed out romance routes.
I also hope we will get few one-night stands and that they have a high risk of messing up a romance. Basically, I am a romantic who likes romantic stories mixed in and not just semi-random gratification (that is not realy gratifying..)

Also also, please add a nice girl, Larian. I for one would probably not here if not for Aerie.. >_<