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DING! Just been in a debate on a youtube vid about this. Someone called what Shadowheart did as evil when she comes to the camp then tries to kill you after a failed roll. But really, when you're protecting your own SANITY that is SELF PRESERVATION! Honestly. Some people need to stop avoiding giving a straight answer and just tell me their opinion on that matter already. Yeez.
That is main problem with aleigances in general ... they are just limiting.

You can see yourself as lawfull good paladin, that will protect poor villagers from bloodthirsty goblin raiders ... but from goblin perspective you are nothing but chaotic evil murderhobo (since that word is so popular around here) who kill anyone on sight. smile

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I roleplay as a hellhound online. It's quite fun. IMO what makes you evil is that you're "just there". Hell, you might not even be a target. I just want fun. It will be at your expense. Amuse me or die. And even then you still might die.
And great thing is that, its possible. smile
Sadly ... for some people even that possibility alone will work like "the only way" argument. frown

Another thing Never Nights 1 did (in the expansion with the kobolds) was talk about saving a kobold. And having a paladin do it. Right at the start.

This so called "good" paladin didn't understand at first. The player can then mention that their teacher was teaching them that not all kobolds are evil. To which the paladin agrees and calls the player wise for.

That's what games are missing these days. Context. Specifics. events that go against expectations and operate outside of what people think. Making it the reverse and pulling it off. Old games like NW1 and BG2 did it better. It's not "species this, species that". It's "This drow has their reasons. Who is the lover of another drow they're trying to kill." That quest was in BG2. Can end a number of ways. I like to have the target be thought off as dead yet left alive. It's all a bit mr and mrs smith like.

Then I look at the drow here and it's like... "Kay. Typical control freak. Is this supposed to amuse me?" Eh. Maybe when we get deeper into the underdark.

I also remember having a conversation with a demon in hell and being told I make its skin itch when I'm good alligened. I always chalk this down to "the closed mind". I get that itch around people that thinks things are simple when they don't use their brains as well. I've always found its the "good" gods that have their heads up their ass. While the "evil" ones will at least give it to you straight. But the worst part is that the "good" types often lie to themselves. even if they don't know they're doing it. This ends up coming down to fear itself. And the road to hell...

Moral high grounds is more then evil. It's a losing game. I am not obligated to live up to someones expectations. I will not be enslaved that way. I need incentive. And no one acts without self interest. Even anyone claiming to be selfless is actually stroking their own ego. Because they want to believe they're a "better person".

Here's the thing though. If you don't care about someone enough to hurt them, your "good nature" could be why they are left to suffer. And people can love you for pushing them. I'll take that over good and evil any day.

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