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Well, I'm just saying. If they keep romance as is, I won't play the game having any character romance because it isn't romance. This is a huge disappointment for me. Period.
This again?
10 paiges in the last topic was not enough for you? :-/

FFS ... well, then dont.
If that makes you happy.

No. What makes me happy is for them to NOT make tawdry, pointless sex scenes and call it "Romance just to be polite." That's dumb. Call it what it is. Baseless sex.

If that's what people like, that's fine. Have a character or two who will have baseless, meaningless sex with the MC. Astarion fits the mold just fine. If it fits the character, and people like it, whatever. But not 1 of the characters is like, "Hey. Let's just hang out and get to know each other." Shadowheart is the closest, but even she's like, "Share my bunk with me tonight. Let's kiss."

The Shadowheart "love scene" would be more of what I'm talking about, but even she goes from 0 to 60 in one night. Couldn't they just share a bottle that night? Then, on another night, maybe they take a stroll and chat under the moonlight and then have their first kiss? Then, on another night, they flirt and tease a little, share another kiss; one that's more intense? etc. etc. etc.

And then there's the fact that Larian has everyone on the same night wanting to sleep with you which completely cheapens the entire thing. It would be one thing if Astarion wanted to do things with you during the party. Again, I get it. Astarion is free from his shackles, feeling good, half drunk, and he just wants to experience more of life and all its pleasures. Lae'zel, again, I get it if you're a Gith, but maybe you all just don't know enough about how Githyanki society is supposed to be. Her sleeping with a human or elf or drow or dwarf or halfling would be like a human sleeping with a dog or cat. That's how the Gith view other races. All races are inferior to them.

As a people, githyanki were generally proud and xenophobic. They viewed all other races with contempt[27] and were generally unwilling to learn anything about other cultures, including other languages.[14] They viewed Material Plane–dwellers as ignorant and incompetent, or, in worse cases, as potential slaves. They could only bring themselves to use magic items not of githyanki design if they were extremely powerful, and even then by rationalizing that any such items must have been designed with githyanki knowledge to begin with. It was uncommon, but not impossible, for a githyanki to overcome the prejudices of its people and start regarding others with respect.

So she would NOT just sleep with anyone in the party after a few days of fighting at their side. She would BARELY even tolerate their company and want anything to do with them. Even Lae'zel using weapons other than Githyanki weapons is ridiculous, but I will say that IF Larian does Lae'zel right, then I suspect she may be different from other Gith because of some past circumstance. Thus, she makes concessions out of necessity in order to accomplish her ultimate goal. Still, there are some things I really have a problem with for her, and that's her just being so willing to sleep with the MC no matter what race as long as they tickled her fancies a little during EA. I'm sorry, but Lae'zel should be one of the hardest romances in the entire game, fighting her feelings for the MC to the bitter end especially if they are non-Gith.

And I have a REAL problem with the fact that they have everyone hit on you if you hit a certain relationship level. They ALL want to sleep with you. What about just being friends? Why are Gale and Wyll hitting on me when I just want to be their friends? It is NOT fun for me to have characters that I'm trying to connect with hit on me when I don't want them to hit on me. Immediately, all I want to do is kick them from the party. It's like having one of your friends tell you they want to kiss you, but you don't feel that way for them. It makes everything really awkward, and the next thing you know you're trying to avoid them. I'm just saying, Larian REALLY ruined Wyll's character for me when, during my first playthrough, I had no idea he was going to ask to sleep with me. I thought Wyll and my MC were becoming good friends, like Brothers in Arms. All of a sudden, "Let's BUNK!" I'm like, "No way, Bro! I'm sorry, but... I got the wrong impression about you. I thought we were just bros." And I had a hard time after that even remotely liking his character.

If Larian wants people to like their origin characters, they need to build their characters with solid relationship dialogues and moments. There needs to be joking and teasing, and not just in a sexual or flirtatious way. There needs to be more companion off the cuff comments LIKE IN SOLASTA! HA! Brought in the dreaded game again, but it's one of the things they did so well, so suffer! One character misses a shot and another says, "You suck!" or "You'll get 'em next time," or "Try harder!" Fun little moments that make the companions feel more like friends and not absolute strangers who hate each other and are stuck in a bad situation together.

And they all need their own, separate romance arcs. Don't be throwing them all into some sex pool on celebration night where they all suddenly just want a romp in the sack.

Anyway, as you can see, this bugs me to no end especially when Raggy constantly comments about "well just don't do it then if you don't like it." Drives me insane. I am SUGGESTING that they build into the game more romance, not just tawdry sex. They can give you who like just sex some characters that just want sex, but at least give us players who like an actual romance an actual romance. I have an opinion. My opinion is that the romance in the game sucks as is. If they don't fix it, it will make the gameplay less fun for me.

I very much enjoyed Siege of Dragonspear so much more because there was the ability to romance certain characters. Same with BG2. Same with Knights of the Old Republic and many other games like it. I don't want the game to be ALL ABOUT ROMANCE as if I'm looking for a Dating Sim. I don't like Dating Sims. I'm not asking for a Dating Sim. I'm looking for a good fantasy game LIKE THE ORIGINAL BG GAMES that include some romance options to enhance the gameplay and make it more enjoyable. I really love adventuring with characters that I connect with, and if there is one that I feel connects with my MC more, it makes it even more enjoyable because I feel like the two are building a strong relationship together. Games like that which allow you to build relationships with other characters that you can even have turn into a full blown romance make the story that much more enjoyable for me, and I'm not alone because I know others have shared the same feedback. But then they get shot down and told to just don't play out the romance then, as if that somehow fixes the issue. This BG3 tawdry sex night crap is NOTHING like what I'd like to see, and it frankly brings the game down ten notches.

And no. 10 pages in my last topic was NOT enough for me. I'm a writer who writes novels 500+ pages long. I'm a DM who creates campaigns after campaigns. Story writing is what I do. 10 pages is like a hiccup for me. If you don't like 10 page writeups, then why do YOU write 10 page writeups? I find it very interesting that you pick on me writing so much, but so many of your comments in various threads have been novels themselves.