By the time of the camp scene you'll probably have learned: Shadowheart can't swim, she likes night orchids, she is an orphan, and she worships Shar. In terms of RPG relationships this might as well be the equivalent of years of cohabitation. Quibble with the accelerated nature of this but it's hardly 0 to 60. This could all take place over two nights or two weeks, they have no direct control over the amount of time you take so a lot of the pacing right now is whack.

I hope you're not using a blurb from the Monster Manual to rationalize why Lae'zel or Tav wouldn't use non-Gith weapons during this campaign, Githyanki might be huge assholes about the superiority of their civilization but believing it's far-fetched that any Gith wouldn't use a any weapon available under duress doesn't strike me as realistic.

In that same vein, you might want to readjust your expectations of how civilizations that view themselves as superior view "inferior races" in this regard, respect is not necessary. Gith should view Faerun like Europeans viewed the New World and the Indians who lived there.

I agree with you that it falls on you like a ton of bricks during the party, I also think it could be better paced, better integrated in larger story, instead of just when you talk to them, there's a lot that could be improved in this regard, but you have to temper your expectations, first because its an EA and second because, RPGs don't have the best track record in this regard.

Ultimately I think the kind of romance arc you want won't be found among our Neutral/Evil companions. I'm not sure what's more to say, you're right casual sex isn't romance, I don't think it's being put forward as such either, though it does lead to the possibility of further intimacy in the scenes and morning-after scenes.

And finally, I don't need to like my companions, I don't even need to like my romantic interest, sometimes stories aren't about giving you what you want.

Maybe break up your text walls up a little with some spoilers and headings. I bet you alienate a few people who just can't be bothered.

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