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I think, they handled it well with Shadowheart - there is an actual building up and no sex scene, but some talk and a kiss.
Maybe ... but it suits her.
Can you imagine the same scene with Astarion? :-/

Ugh ... awfull.
I don't Imagine anything with Astarion, but killing him...

hahaha. The love for Asatarion is strong in this place. But honestly, he and Gale, I can't even, especially after both decided to judge me for choosing Shadowheart over them.

Which reminds me of giving an important feedback. Could the companions stop eavesdropping on my choices in the camp during the party? They shouldn't have any opinion about who I choose to spend the night with, it's not of their goddamn business. If I wanted someone else, I would go after them. I hate it.
I agree, that is annoying as hell. I don't really get all the Astarion love or the Minthara hype, but then I hate Twilight and the likes with passion and I don't like evil mad psychocult bitches, drow or other.
I would like to have a more down to Warth, normal companion for a change, without Drama, someone like Varric or Aveline from Dragon Age 2 for example. We have enough drama queens so far.

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