I agree, that is annoying as hell. I don't really get all the Astarion love or the Minthara hype, but then I hate Twilight and the likes with passion and I don't like evil mad psychocult bitches, drow or other.
I would like to have a more down to Warth, normal companion for a change, without Drama, someone like Varric or Aveline from Dragon Age 2 for example. We have enough drama queens so far.

Since you brought that up, you know, I would love an Isabela like kind of character, just saying. And yes, please give us a companion who isn't overcomplicated/annoying/ with a darker past, etc kind of character, more down to earth companions can be interesting as well. Especially someone willing to just have a nice chat with you, this I miss in this game, unlike other rpgs I've played, in this one, there's no actual nice chat with the companions, everything seems so over the top, snarky, mind your business all the time. I think this is one of the biggest reasons I didn't get a real care for any of the companions. I think the only companion I really like, and that's not saying much, is Shadowheart.

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