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Problem with DA-2 compared to BG-3 is that every companion in DA-2 follows you voluntarily ...
They had better(? ... well, certainly different) things to do, but instead they decided to follow you for some reason.
In BG-3 most characters dont want to go with you, but see no other option.

Agree and disagree. yeah, they don't want to? try telling them you don't want them following you when meeting them the first time, one will be mad, other will try to change your mind. Another calls you idiot, the only one that goes her way without begging you to reconsider is Shadowheart. So, they follow because of necessity, right? I don't think this is a reason to be a jerk when you try to make a small conversation. Other RPGs have this kinda forced group joining, but get to know each other more before jumping to sex. DAO is an example of this well done.