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Funny thing is that Halsin is a great guy, no pun intended. And I also enjoyed the small talks I had with Alfira than most of the dialogues with the companions. I'd like a companion like her, someone pleasing to talk to. Someone who seems, normal, she just endured some heavy trauma and still treated my character nicer than all companions even after our first meetings. Is that allowed in this game, right? I hope so in the future at least.

Well I thought he was a great guy until I sided (role play reasons) with the tieflings and fought the grove druids. He was mad and immediately ok with it lol. No long term consequences in relationship or personality. Rath(sp) was traumatized by the experience and the now tainted grove. I would have expected the lead druid to be devastated by the events…

Sort of reminds me of NWN2 where even if you have excellent relationships with both Sand and Qara one or the other WILL betray you at the end because the game says so.