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Yep, and hopefully we won't have to say it a thousand more times before they finally implement a 6 party game. smile

i'm afraid it will go to deaf ears for larian. point being they have decided that it's a 4 party character and turn-based game just in the veins of DOS2 formula. basically they are in their comfort zones where this formula is what makes them popular in the first place. too many characters may deter the mass audience as someone mentioned pillars of eternity 2. look at how that game performed? of course many will argue the failure is not due to 5 characters but i can assure you it plays a great part in it for me personally.

i recall in DOS/DOS2 there are people who requested for more party characters as well. i think that the same attitude given by larian. so i would say, since it's already possible in DOS2 via mods if not mistaken, you can actually increase the party size. that's the only option we have.

but it would be really great if we can see some modders actually can do a rebalance mod for 5-6 party characters. honest, i really don't mind to donate to that modder for his hard work.