I hope it doesn't go to deaf ears. Expectations were so high for this game, and there are just so many little things to be disappointed about, that they really start to pile on. Maybe we're all Cassandras in this section, doomed to be ignored, but if this game comes out of EA with a party cap at 4, I just know they will never live it down. Its already way too easy for returning fans to bag on Larian and make this the studio everyone loves to loathe for tipping over the D&D crpg sacred cow.

You can just feel it happening, even if the pace here is like painfully tectonic. As the EA has gone on, the most exuberant and enthusiastic posters who were all generous and hopefull with their suggestions a year ago, now seem totally demoralized by it in like every other post. Like they've just been worn down too much, expectations dashed too hard, too many times. Legs starting to buckle before the last leg of the marathon. We can just watch the low hanging fruit rotting before our eyes on this one, as the most consistent EA request continues to be ignored with each new patch, leaving no time to properly implement it and to fix what needs fixing to make it hum.

The main argument against 6 in this thread seems to be the fear that it will just make the game even worse than it already is, by highlighting all the various things that don't work well even with a party of 4, rather than trying to find ways to make all that stuff better so it could actually support 6 and make us happy. Alas

The reason this one seems such a salient point of criticism, is because it stands in so readily for so many other things that people have noted as frustrating about the game. The designers I guess don't want to deal with, but I think coming out of EA with 4, they will have already torpedoed the ship and even the mods won't be able to fix it then. The thrill will be gone. It's almost gone already