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Hehe. It certainly will be interesting to see how Larian's BG3 story plays out if you kill off every single one of their damn "origin" characters. I wonder of there will be a lot of crying?

Nah, it doesn't really matter much in Act I. Probably you miss out on a lot in actual Baldur's Gate ACT 2 and 3 since the majority of them have quest resolutions there. Although likely you end up with the Artifact from SH either way and so can at least continue that one. Probably you can also still go after Cazador if you want, or he gets folded into the main plot somehow. Gale and Wyll don't have much, but The Creche is likely a totally different situation if you don't have Miss Githyanki with you.

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Seriously, they should let people just create their own 4 custom characters from the get go and ignore the origin character (or murder them).

This is a planned feature iirc. At least the creating part. wink