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I am surprised one "can Romance" Shadowheart ... ...

I mean, i "should" have seen this coming - > but i am still somewhat surprised.
So the EDGElady herself is in the mood to be like a normal Person too, heeeh? XD

I wouldn't say, romance yet, but more like the start of it. The scene is basically wine and knowing each other, and a kiss, nothing more (but really sweet). Which is for me much better than, "Hey, nice night, let's have some sex under construction". And if exploring well her dialogues during the game and being nice to her it's easy to see how sweet she is the more you get to know her.

And from the whole party, I'd say she looks the more normal for me? Besides the fact of a mission and all, she doesn't seem to have a devil mistress, or a magic bomb, or that will drink your blood dry if got the chance, or see you as a slave and nothing else.