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+1 There is no point to having different types of food in the current camping system.
- We can no longer eat food to regain food, which means that having different food that regains different amount of hp is worthless. This is good; please don't bring back eating during combat
- Different foods don't give different effects during long rest. It'd be interesting if the most common food used gave slightly different bonuses. Though i'm not sure this benefit would be worth the hassle of inventory managing the different food types. A better solution is to just use rations, but allow cooking of different meals for different benefits.

What if you want to cook stuff? The DOS crafting system had the option to make different types of food with other foods and also poisoning those foods.
That's what my second point is saying. Right now in BG3 there is no cooking, making the different types of foods useless. BG3 would be better if the type of food used gave a bonus for the next day or if everything was converted to Rations. The current implementation is the worst of both worlds: tedious inventory management with no benefit for different foods.

This could be achieved by my suggestion, where the most common food (>20 units) gives a specific benefit.
Or there could be a cooking component to resting, where you choose food to make certain recipes. Or you could just choose random food and get no benefit.

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