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Seriously, they should let people just create their own 4 custom characters from the get go and ignore the origin character (or murder them).

This is a planned feature iirc. At least the creating part. wink

My point was that I could picture the BG3 devs wringing their hands and whining and crying that they put so much time and energy and effort and love into creating these awesome and wonderful and amazing origin characters and a bunch of horrible players just blatantly killed them all off the moment they met them. I can even picture the devs putting in place some sort of *punishment* for those players who do such an appalling thing. I mean it is extremely obvious the devs WANT us to play with their silly origin characters, that they are trying to PUSH us into using their stupid-ass origin characters. And this irks me.

Oh yeah I get you. It also creates a certain degree of FOMO if you pass on the origin characters. It feels manipulative to some degree. I made that mistake with DOS2 and I wish I had just ignored them and murdered the lot.