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Doing an "evil" playthrough atm and honestly you really do have to actively seek it out and commit to it with zero incentives. The Absolute cult is for all purposes a group of people that have been enslaved and don't realize it not to mention they'll stab you too. It also doesn't help that none of your companions really fall into the evil path. None of them make taking the evil path fun nor do any of them really rationalize doing bad things. That's the biggest issue honestly, if you're just running around being evil for the sake of evil and doing it by yourself it's a pretty limited path.

Yes, yes, yes. The first time I sided with Menthara,

I got approvals from Lae and Asterion, and I was really surprised. Why would they support that? They'd never mentioned anything about mistrusting the druids. Lae, a bit, but only in regard to removing the 'pole.

It made no sense.

Astarion actually makes sense, since he is afraid to lose the tadpole, and makes no secret that he wants to find a way to control it and not remove it. Also, he will approve anything that is evil, and that's another reason for him. Now Lae' zel I have no idea why she would give Approval to anything that is in favor of the absolute when she knows it's related to the tadpole. Maybe because she sees the druids as weaklings and wants to side with someone she believes is stronger than them.