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This ...
Plus the fact that i bet Lae'zel is quite sure, that if they (read as: Githyanki nation) want ... they can wipe out the whole Absolute cult, with their Goddess herself, in one bussy afternoon. laugh

So there is really little to no reason to wonder about how much pro-, or anti-gith busines of this cult is. smile
Well if Lae'zel thinks the giths could easily wipe the cult out, that would mean the cultist are weaklings (and frankly they are, since you beat them woth a low level character). Where is this supposed strength she approves of? Imo a githyanki would see the cultists as weak, because they have fallen for a ghaik deception. That is what it takes to battle mind flayers; not just military power, but also a strength of mind and iron will.

Lae'zel thinks even Raphael, who at this point comes off frankly as far more powerful than Minthara, is not worth admiration.

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