What's everyone's thoughts on throwing potions?

For those who haven't used the feature, you can throw a healing potion at someone to heal them. So everyone can revive a downed companion from a distance.

Personally, I think the concept of smashing a potion into someone's armor is really dumb. It also steals Healing Word's niche of healing from a distance and turns it into a gimmick anyone can do. I think you should be able to administer a potion to revive a downed companion, but by pouring it down their throat rather than throwing it on their back. Characters with better mobility (Rogues, Monks) and teleport or jump skills (spellcasters, Amulet of Misty Step) would make for great combat medics. Letting everyone be a heal bomber just makes tactics like this obsolete. When Larian are letting everyone do everything, they are actually reducing tactical depth rather than increasing it.

Technically, the thrown potion leaves behind a permanent cloud that disappears after someone "uses" it. Same with all other potions like Fire Resistance, Haste etc. With Throw you can buff others with anything. And it never misses even if it misses. The whole thing just seems like it belongs in an action RPG like Diablo and not in a D&D game.

I'd like it more if you could use Throw to transfer potions to a team mate's inventory and they would still have to drink it. Downed companions should be much harder to get back up.