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Actually , looking at old RPG, i'm glad Larian made Elves attractives. Often in games such as DOS2, you'd have to sacrifice attractiveness/ appeal of the character to go another race. Like Elves were super elongated, you could go reptile and undead. Sure it's fun, but what If I want to play a sexy succubus? A manly , strong dwarf? A delicate elve? I want to be able to identify to the character to some degree, and I don't think its a good things when all others races are too foreign / too differents. Just my tastes though.
I agree with you in some regard at least the part with attractive Elves and succubus.

At some point I will add a picture of example of what I find attactive Elf, but not today.

I would say perhaps I am in the middle ground at the end of the day.
I agree with OP Elves could look more Elven, but since I like Tolkien Elves they do not have so such exteeme angular faces in LOTR movies.

Well and here is my point. The women Elf look good...
The default male Elf look slightly to human for my taste with his long hair he could be popstar singer some male humans in real world also have long hair.

Well if you think about humans not all humans look same.
Perhaps some Elves could look as angular in face as OP post. Other Elves as Tolkien Elves or say less angular in face then OP post.

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