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Funny is that after trying the female head 2 from Half-elf I think that one has the feeling of an Actual elf than all the elves' actual heads tbh.
Well and I noticed when I take ideal drempartner at charcacter creation. I only find ONE human face as super attractive rest semi attractive or worse ugly and not what I would call a dream partner. Well and then HALF-ELF woman super attractive. I guess that is offtopic but the human women choices are miserable in this game. Perhaps it is early access but I think they could make multiple the amount the choises you could pick for all races as face or make we can manually change looks in face and body with sliders.

However I think in slider thread the system admin mentioned that Sliders to this game is very unlikely. If so they could multiple the choices for looks in character creation and we can wait for community made mods.

Well, I wouldn't have an actual problem with the heads, if they knew how to smile, at least the human heads XD

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